AAAI 2020 Tutorial on Heuristic Search
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The aim of the tutorial is to give a survey of selected recent directions in search, and by providing three speakers we will ensure a diverse set of topics and viewpoints. The tutorial will have several focus areas, each given by a speaker whose personal research has focused on the given area. In particular, we aim to focus on the following areas: Throughout this tutorial, we aim to highlight the different characteristics of different search problems and indicate which search methods are used for explicit (polynomial) domains and implicit (exponential) domains.

Title: Heuristic Search
Date: TBA (likely Friday, February 7)
Time: TBA
Location: TBA
Schedule: TBA

Tentative Schedule

Part I: Brief Introduction and Overvew [10 minutes]

Part II: Baseline Algorithms with Examples [75 minutes]
Coffee Break - 30 min
Part III: Preprocessing and Constraints [35 minutes] Part IV: Any-Angle Search in 2D [60 minutes] Part V: Multi-Agent Path Planning [25 minutes]